Welcome to our third part of the “behind the scenes” article series! In this interview, our Key Account Manager Alexander Joseph gives us a glimpse into his daily work at InstaFreight. 

1. Introduce yourself and tell us how you found your way to InstaFreight. 

Hi, my name is Alexander, I’m 28 years old and from Berlin-Spandau. After graduating high school, my friend suggested that I find out more about truck transports. He offered me an apprenticeship as a merchant for forwarding and logistics services and that is how my journey in logistics began… After completing the training, I worked for two years in disposition and customer service and quickly realized that I really enjoy working in direct contact with people. So, I internally took on a position as Account Manager. Four years later, InstaFreight contacted me to offer me a job as Key Account Manager. What can I say – six months later and I’m more than happy with my transition to InstaFreight!

2. Why does Key Account Management play such a crucial role for InstaFreight? 

We help and enable InstaFreight to continue to grow Europe-wide and take care of the large-scale customers. Key Account Management has several roles: We search for potential clients that match the service portfolio of InstaFreight. Once this is done, we analyze where those customers currently need support and according to that offer individual logistics solutions to demonstrate value for their company. Our Key Account Management team takes care of the implementation of new business won, ensures a smooth onboarding process and tracks the performance we deliver during daily operations. 

3. What distinguishes Key Account Management?

In Key Account Management one colleague focuses on around 5-8 customers, which he screens intensively to help filter out the expectations and pain points of the accounts. InstaFreights Key Account Managers are based all over Europe and mainly work with customers that are more complex and therefore require more time to be spent on them.

In Account Management and Customer Care, the focus is on small- to medium-sized businesses but both departments share common goals: win business, satisfy customer needs and foster long-term business relationships!

4. Which skills should a Key Account Manager possess and what are the main challenges of your profession?

Two of the most important skills a Key Account Manager should have are to be generally open towards new and unknown contacts and to be able to adapt to all different kinds of characters. Additionally, it is great if you’re able to quickly familiarize yourself with logistics structures of customers in order to then advise and assist them as best as possible.

A big challenge of this job is to understand the varying interests and fulfill the needs of conflicting interest groups of processes. My work is not made up of a routine – every day involves new challenges from the side of customers, for which I create individual solutions. But that is exactly what makes working as a Key Account Manager so exciting!

5. What made you fall in love with InstaFreight? 

It was the work environment here; we are an experienced, dynamic and multi-cultural team. The professional but also relaxed and flexible work setting allows everyone to challenge existing processes, improve them and set up new processes. 

All colleagues at InstaFreight work tightly together and support each other. Our leadership team has a very open and direct management structure and the result-oriented work attitude means that everyone can decide for themselves how to reach the different goals. 

6. And let’s end with a fun fact about you.

Sure! Besides weight training, I’m passionate about dancing Standards and Latin and from time to time I also do western riding. Most people really don’t expect that from me when they first meet me 😉 

Thank you for this insightful interview Alexander.

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