After giving insights into our Tender Management last month, let’s have a look at the Sales department – one of the driving forces behind InstaFreights growth. In this interview, Cedric, our Senior Account Manager, reveals more about himself, his team and his work at InstaFreight!

1. Tell us more about yourself and how you got started at InstaFreight. 

I am Cedric, 24 years old. During my dual studies in Mannheim, Bachelor of business administration with a concentration in logistics, I was able to make first job experiences in medium- and large-sized companies. But I had the desire to achieve a steeper learning curve, make a difference and take on decision-making responsibilities – that is why I ultimately applied to InstaFreight and have been working here now for over one year. InstaFreight gives me the opportunity to work closely together with the management team and to be part of the company’s growth and success! 

2. What do most people not know about you?

I have been playing handball since second grade and am still passionate about it. Even though it is not always easy to balance work and sports life, I try to play handball as often as possible – luckily InstaFreight gives me enough flexibility to do so. 

3. Which role does Sales play at InstaFreight? 

The Sales department plays a crucial role for InstaFreight. Together with Key Account Management we are responsible for the fast but also sustainable growth of the company. Easily said: Without Sales our dispatchers would have nothing to dispatch. We take care of the acquisition of customers in the road freight sector, advise them, create individual logistics solutions and process tenders together with our Tender Management.

4. And how is the Sales team organized and structured?

Our department is separated into multiple teams, each having different tasks. New Business Development is in charge of getting in touch with potential customers (lead generation), educating them about our product and creating interest for InstaFreight. Account Management takes over the second call or meeting and onboards customers to the InstaFreight platform. In case the responsible Account Manager is not reachable, our Customer Care team is available for customers all day and night, answering questions and assisting with inquiries.

5. How is our Sales team different from that of other logistics companies?

Behind InstaFreight is an extraordinary product, which makes it fun to excite customers about our solution. With our innovative digital business model we are many steps ahead of other forwarding companies. We are digital, nevertheless each of our customers has their own contact person, who is reachable all day every day. 

Not just our product distinguishes us from competitors, but also the team behind it. All Sales employees work closely together and are highly motivated. Our international team creates individual logistics solutions and of course, we keep the #1 Sales rule in mind: Always place customers’ needs first! 

6. What has been one of your proudest moments at InstaFreight so far?

Oh, there have been many, but one of my favourite moments was when I convinced my first listed company of InstaFreight and our business model. Initially, they were sceptical of a digital forwarding company but I knew that our product would excite them and fulfill their needs. And I was right – we are successfully working with this company for already half a year and continue to grow our business relationships. 

7. And why would you recommend others to join the Sales team at InstaFreight? 

InstaFreight offers much! Our diverse team is a mixture of motivated young professionals and experienced logistics experts. Here, everyone is given the chance to develop professionally and personally and to learn from others. The company’s culture and startup work atmosphere speak for itself! We all work together with the common goal of becoming Europe’s leading forwarding company. At InstaFreight we are also much more than just colleagues – real friendships form. 

I can truly recommend everyone to join our Sales team. You can have large responsibilities early on, manage your own portfolio of clients and enjoy great perks such as flexible work hours. 

8. And now to finish, one quick round of “this or that”!

  • Telephone or Email? Telephone
  • Club-Mate or Coffee? Coffee, at least three cups a day
  • Early Bird or Night Owl? Night Owl
  • Digital or Paper? Oh, definitely digital 😉 

Thank you for this look behind the scenes and the glimpse into your work at InstaFreight.

Sounds exciting? Well, it is! Become part of our Sales team and support high volume shippers in the process of digitizing their logistics. Check out our open positions!

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