Partner Plus Program (7) Exclusive tire offer with MÄXX

Transport partners joining our Partner Plus Program already benefit from many attractive services. Now we have started a cooperation with MÄXX – including an exclusive offer for truck tires. More information can be found in this article. 1. Who is…
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Partner Plus Program (6) TRAVIS truck services in Europe

With the Partner Plus Program we provide attractive services for transport partners. In this article, we present our cooperation with TRAVIS – and the benefits you can profit from. 1. Who is TRAVIS? TRAVIS is a booking platform, payment method…
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Partner Plus Program (5) Access to truck drivers with JOBMATCH.ME

You as our transport partner have access to our Partner Plus Program  with exclusive offers and services. With JOBMATCH.ME, we have established one further valuable cooperation – involving an attractive limited offer! 1. Who is JOBMATCH.ME? JOBMATCH.ME is a job…
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How to conduct tenders fast & easily

Tendering is often a tedious business for shippers. They need to register on a tendering platform first, then aggregate transport data to set up the tender, find and select new carriers, vet and onboard them to their system and –…
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Behind the scenes: Tech at InstaFreight

As one of the leading LogTech companies in Europe, we connect shippers with the capacity of more than 25,000 carriers on our platform. Creating a great web architecture, smart algorithms and automated processes takes a lot of work – and…
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Logistics models explained: 1PL through 5PL

Are you looking for the best logistics model for your company? Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this question. In this article, we will explain the differences between the five common models from 1PL through 5PL – and which…
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Tender season in times of uncertainty

Rising diesel prices, driver shortages, blocked trade lanes – shippers are currently facing a variety of challenges. In this article, they will learn how they can turn the tender season to their advantage even in times of uncertainty – and…
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Partner Plus Program (4) Insurance check with SCHUNCK or MAI CEE

As part of the Partner Plus Program, transport partners can use the services of SCHUNCK or MAI CEE. We explain how the cooperations work. 1. Who are SCHUNCK and MAI CEE? The SCHUNCK Group is the leading German insurance broker…
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Partner Plus Program (3) Service & Repair with TIP

The Partner Plus Program offers transport partners comprehensive services for their daily business. The cooperation with TIP holds numerous exclusive benefits. 1. Who is TIP? TIP’s range of services covers the care, maintenance and repair of all types of tractor…
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Partner Plus Program (2) The DKV fuel card – and more!

The Partner Plus Program gives transport partners access to exclusive services. In this article, you’ll learn more about DKV’s offering and how to access it. 1. Who is DKV? DKV is Europe’s market leader for premium services related to the…
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