Partner Plus Program (1) Shell Card with attractive benefits

The Partner Plus Program includes exclusive offers and services for transport partners. Below, we present the cooperation with Shell and describe the benefits you can profit from. 1. Who is Shell? Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemicals…
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Partner Plus Program: Attractive services for carriers

With the Partner Plus Program, we offer exclusive services for our transport partners. Saskia Chill, Team Lead Value Added Services, explains why the program was launched, what services our partners can look forward to, and how registration works. Together with…
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Hiring at InstaFreight: Join our teams in Poland!

Get to know our HR & Office Manager Klaudia Grenda, who is responsible for our Polish offices in Wroclaw and Legnica. Find out why she changed her career from administration to HR, what she loves most about her role –…
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Transport Management (5) How can I decrease internal workload?

For shippers, managing their transport logistics requires extensive human resources. One of the main reasons for this are manual processes: Many tasks, such as the onboarding and vetting of new service providers or the tracking of shipments, are not yet…
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Transport Management (4) How can I reduce freight costs?

Shippers face a constant challenge: to ensure their competitiveness, they must continuously optimize processes and cut costs. This also applies to the important business area of transport logistics. The fourth part of our series on Transport Management therefore focuses on…
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Transport Management (3) How can I improve my carbon footprint?

A study by BVL on current logistics trends shows: Sustainability is one of the top 10 topics in logistics. For years, society’s demand for green transport solutions has been rising – and with it the pressure on shippers to deliver…
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Sales-Team (3): As a career changer into logistics

In the third and final part of the blog article series on our Sales Team, we introduce you to our Sales Development Manager Madeleine Scholz. She took the leap and joined InstaFreight as a career changer in June 2021. In…
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Transport Management (2) How can I gain transparency?

As a shipper, it is often not easy to get an overview of your own transport logistics. Reliable shipment tracking is just one of many challenges. Part two of our series on transport management is therefore all about transparency. We…
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Sales-Team (2) From internship to Team Lead

Welcome to the second part of our blog article series, in which we introduce you to colleagues from our Sales Team and their professional development. Today we interview Alexander Bührich, who joined us first as an intern in May 2018…
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Sales-Team (1) My path to becoming an Account Manager

The job and career opportunities at InstaFreight are as diverse as our team itself. In our new blog article series, we introduce you to colleagues from our Sales department and their professional development. Today, Chris, who joined our InstaFamily in…
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