Get to know our HR & Office Manager Klaudia Grenda, who is responsible for our Polish offices in Wroclaw and Legnica. Find out why she changed her career from administration to HR, what she loves most about her role – and which positions she is hiring for at the moment. Also, she reveals why “being yourself” is the best advice she can give to an applicant…

1. Hello Klaudia, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Sure! I have spent most of my life in London where I have also completed my studies in Travel and Tourism. 

Straight out of my studies I secured a job within the hospitality sector and worked for a few years in a renowned hotel chain. There, I was supervisor of a team who took care of the guests’ experience along with other F&B related tasks. During this time I discovered my great pleasure in communicating with people. 

I have absolutely loved the life in London but after some time I wanted to try something new and to challenge myself more. So I moved back to Poland – and joined InstaFreight!

2. Why did you join InstaFreight as an Administration Specialist?

I wanted to start off my career in another sector than hospitality. Prior to getting a job at InstaFreight, I read the company’s vision and mission. I could clearly see how ambitious InstaFreight is, encouraging employee growth through training and other resources. With this approach, I could immediately identify. Also, I still wanted to keep on working in an international environment since that’s what I truly love. 

Therefore, I saw the role as Administration Specialist at InstaFreight as a great opportunity to join a forward-thinking, international company that I could grow with and that would allow me to develop my skills.

3. What made you change your career as an HR & Office Manager?

Although I have enjoyed working in administration a lot, one thing that I missed was the constant communication with people that I was used to so much. So I started to think about a career change at InstaFreight. 

I knew from my previous experience as a supervisor in hospitality, that there is no better place to interact with people than HR. The idea of being able to shape the future of an organization was something that has attracted me to it even more. Thus, I did not hesitate and applied right when the position came along.

I really appreciate that InstaFreight is all about developing people. That gave me the chance to grow into my role – even with no HR studies as a background. 

4. What do you love most about your role?

It’s nearly impossible to pick what I love the most about my role since I truly enjoy all aspects of it: I love the interaction with people, being able to meet so many great talents and get to know a lot of interesting personalities. 

I also love the fact that it gives me the possibility to have a real impact on something, help and develop others, create a company culture and continuously grow my own skills. And finally, I love that it’s never boring and always challenging since I cover many tasks: From recruiting and payroll to office supply and event management.

5. How is the working culture at InstaFreight like?

Culture is something that is very important for us as a company and InstaFreight has it’s very own unique way of approaching this topic. 

Our goal is to generate transparent and open communication channels, all while enhancing the overall happiness and wellbeing of our employees. We really value feedback in every form because it constantly helps us to improve in various areas. 

I know that a lot of companies tend to say they’re a big family, but at InstaFreight this is really the case. We put our biggest efforts into creating a good team spirit and we are doing great at it – we value the feeling of family within the company, where everyone feels like at home.

6. Which positions are you hiring for at the moment?

At the moment I am looking for both – young professionals as well as logistics experts. Right now, the focus is on hiring a couple of people to join us as Quality Assurance Managers who can provide an excellent customer service experience to our clients. Also, I am looking for great experienced minds to join our Transport Management team and support them as Transport Managers.

7. What are you looking for in a talent?

I am looking for the brightest minds, who can share their ideas and shape the future of logistics with us. I focus on both – the hard and the soft skills of an applicant. But although logistics experience is a plus, the cultural fit is most important to me: 

People should bring along the right mindset and be able to think internationally. They also need to feel comfortable in working in a fast paced environment. Language skills are important as well: Applicants should be fluent in Polish, English and German.

8. Can you give our readers some tips for their application?

I think there’s just one tip – be your true self! A lot of people present themselves differently than they are and exaggerate about their skills. This is not necessary since working at InstaFreight is all about growth. Just come as you are!

Thank you Klaudia for sharing some insights into your work as an HR & Office Manager at InstaFreight! 

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