Technology is quickly taking over our world and especially in the logistics industry the power of technology is undeniable. Not only do technological inventions change how the world does business but they also heighten customers’ expectations of companies. Today people are used to everything being online right at their fingertips. Society is more curious than ever; people like to know exactly what is going on in the world and an emerging trend is that they also love to track where their orders are and when they are expected to receive them. We at InstaFreight recognize that technology will change the way we live; we use technical innovations to our advantage in order to satisfy our customers and work more efficiently.

Tracking shipments is becoming increasingly important encouraging more and more companies to jump on the bandwagon. According to Technovio’s global secure logistics market, “various logistics companies […] are using technologies like automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) for keeping track of the shipments in real-time, in turn, resulting the market to register a CAGR close to 7% by 2022.”

Still, why is tracking so important? 

In the past when clients placed an order they would receive an estimated delivery date of their booked shipments and then were left in the dark not knowing exactly when their order would arrive. Today technology has changed all that. Technical advances now allow clients to access shipping and tracking systems 24/7, all day every day. This saves both time and money for the company as well as its customer and enhances user experiences. 

InstaFreight’s priority is to please its customers. We offer real-time tracking of shipments placed on our platform. With our Track & Trace system shippers can overview their shipping details and monitor their order at any time of the day. What makes our Track & Trace so unique is that it offers great transparency and visibility of the status and location of all transports in one platform. The magic behind this traceability are two sources of tracking: Linkage to more than 450 telematics systems and the InstaFreight Driver App. Thanks to the connectivity to hundreds of telematics systems, InstaFreight can use GPS signals to track the movement of client loads on the road. For data security reasons InstaFreight only has access to the location of the carrier trucks when the carrier drives an order placed through our platform.  With the InstaFreight Driver App carriers are able to send status updates like “arrived at pickup location” with just one click. We merge those data sources and provide shippers an overview of their shipment details including a real-time track & trace of their shipments. This way, shippers always know the location of their freight – like sitting on the passenger seat. We provide highest transparency and visibility to our customers. So even if an order is delayed, the customer is informed and can prepare and plan accordingly. Our  Track & Trace is just one part of a fully digitized transport: from quoting and booking of a transport to monitoring the shipment on the road all the way to digital document handling. 

There are numerous advantages to real-life tracking both for InstaFreight’s customers (including improved response times and improved productivity) and InstaFreight itself. With our Track & Trace system we are able to know and tell our loyal customers who have regular routes the real-time location of their orders, the estimated time of arrival to its destination and other essential information; this makes both the life of InstaFreight and its customers easier, saving time and money! Tracking allows InstaFreight to better serve its customers, ultimately helping us achieve our goal of satisfying clients and digitizing the logistics market! 

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