Dominik, our Business Development Intern, joined InstaFreight three months ago. After an amazing time with him as a colleague and friend, last week it was time to say goodbye to send him on his new adventure. But before we did, we asked him a few questions. Here are his answer and what he said about his time at InstaFreight:


Tell us more about yourself!

I am originally from Osnabrück, North of Germany, and am currently doing my Master of Management at the University of Münster. I am 25 years old and close to writing my Master thesis. Prior to my internship here at InstaFreight I have completed several other internships; I was at Daimler in Stuttgart for six months and in consultation at BearingPoint as well as in the Inhouse Consulting at Deutsche Bahn. 

Why did you apply for this position at the logistics company InstaFreight?

Currently the logistics sector is an extremely vibrant industry and a lot of money flows into the market. Since I find the entire mobility industry, which I consider logistics to be a part of, very exciting and interesting, I became aware of InstaFreight. Their business model directly convinced me, because it provides an advantage to all parties involved – shippers as well as carriers. Prior to my career start I also wanted to experience working at a startup, which is ultimately why I applied for the business development internship position at InstaFreight. 

What do you like most about working at a startup?

The combination of fun and professionalism! Even with lots of laughing you can work focused and goal-oriented. Also, the diversity and range of characters at the company. It feels like everyone has a completely different background, which is for sure a significant success factor of a startup.

What were your job tasks as an intern at InstaFreight?

A large part of my work consisted of the administration of the CRM-tool Salesforce, for example the development of dashboards, the analysis of customer data and lead management. Additionally, I was involved with the design and further development of a sales strategy. Besides those responsibilities there were also several smaller tasks, like for example the preparation of workshops and presentations or the development and reviewing of reports for the management board. 

What did you learn during your internship with us?

I definitely improved my table tennis skills! But all jokes aside, I am for sure much better at Salesforce now and I have learned to think solution-oriented. In contrast to other companies, there are many things at a startup that noone has dealt with before, so it gives employees an opportunity to propose and develop new solutions.

Which were your favourite moments at InstaFreight?

Definitely many fun and cool All-Hands, which were always a great end of the work week on Friday afternoons. A few after-work pink pong tournaments were also part of it. Otherwise, it was always amazing to see my recommended solutions be implemented. 

What is a Fun Fact about you?

With regard to my internship? Prior to my time at InstaFreight, I had never used Salesforce, but during my internship I became Salesforce-Admin and the primary contact person for the tool – typical startup-like I would say!

Do you plan on coming back to InstaFreight at some point?

First I will have to focus on university but for the time after that all doors are still open. Since I only have good memories of my time here, InstaFreight is definitely a viable option. 


Thank you for all your hard work, Dominik. The InstaFreight family will miss you! We wish you all the best for your future!


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