L to R:  Dr. Petra Seebauer, Johannes Giloth, Benedikt Kappus, Maximilian Schäfer, Jennifer Kuchinke, Harald Geimer

Digitization of logistics: InstaFreight wins the smart supply chain solution Award 2018!

Our InstaFreight team is happy to announce that we have won the first time awarded title for the most innovative supply chain management solution at this year’s EXCHAiNGE.

From 20th to 21st November, the EXCHAiNGE event was part of Hypermotion 2018 for the first time at Messe Frankfurt.

At the international event, experts in supply chain management, finance and logistics met and discussed topics related to logistics 4.0. At the EXCHAiNGE event, Strategy&, PwC’s strategy consultancy, and the trade magazine LOGISTIK HEUTE awarded two prizes.

Companies that had applied for the awards in September were visited by Strategy& Consultants on site in the next round. The experts thus had the opportunity to take a closer look at the respective business model. For both prizes, three nominees were selected to present their solutions to the audience and the expert jury at the EXCHAiNGE. The jury consisted of 14 top-class logistics experts. These included Johannes Giloth (Chief Procurement Officer and Senior Vice President of Global Operations, Nokia Solutions and Networks GmbH & Co. KG), Harald Geimer (Managing Director, PwC Strategy& Germany) and Isabel Hochgesand (Chief Procurement Officer, Beiersdorf AG).

Now, for the thirteenth time, the Supply Chain Management Award has been presented for outstanding achievements. The prize is awarded every year for the impressive implementation of supply chain management models.

This year Cemex, a manufacturer of building materials, convinced with the development of an integrated solution for the Purchase-to-Pay process. Cemex’ customers receive information on material availability when ordering and can track the cement delivery in real-time.

For the first time there was also a special prize to get.

At this year’s EXCHAiNGE, the Smart Supply Chain Solution Award was presented for the first time for impressive innovative concepts. This award honors solutions that have the potential to revolutionize traditional supply chain systems with new models.

Together with the two other nominees, Bossard and Synfioo/SAP, we fevered for first place for the new prize. All finalists had the opportunity to present their solutions.

Maximilian Schäfer, Managing Director of InstaFreight, convinced the jury: “InstaFreight wins the Smart Supply Chain Solution Award 2018.


“It is a memorable moment for us. The award confirms that digitization and process optimization are important steps in the logistics industry. We are pleased that InstaFreight is honored for building a product tackling exactly those challenges of the industry. Of course, we still have a long way ahead of us, which we will now conquer with even more ambition.”

Maximilian Schäfer, Co-Founder and Managing Director

What is InstaFreight’s brilliant idea?

We enable B2B customers to ship freight within Europe.

But what makes us different from any other forwarding company?

Our digital platform needs only milliseconds for what traditional forwarding companies need days to weeks. The pricing algorithm immediately gives the shipper a price for his route. Loads can be shipped from one pallet to a full truckload.

Simply a revolution for companies who want to transport their goods in the most efficient way. In this fashion, we ensure the necessary dynamism in the industry.

“We win customers by offering simple solutions to complex problems. We enable carriers of today to meet customers’ needs of tomorrow. We scale through digital innovation.”

„The logistics industry is very large and fragmented. Most processes still run manually today. At InstaFreight, we believe that digitization will enable both shippers and carriers to work more efficiently. We bundle the transport capacity of more than 6,000 carriers in a digital network and give shippers access to this capacity. We have digitized the entire process: Starting with price quotation and transport booking all the way to track & trace and document management.”

Philipp Ortwein, Co-Founder and Managing Director

Interview with Maximilian Schäfer after the conferment.

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