“Last year I made the tough decision to move away from my family in India. InstaFreight helped me a lot during that time; my relocation process was very smooth and they took care of my initial accommodation. The whole team became family to me!“ – Anu  (Senior Software Engineer)

Moving to another city and starting a new job can be a very exciting chapter but we also know how hard it is to leave your hometown and family behind. A new city, another  country or even a whole different continent means not only a huge distance from home but also an unfamiliar culture, language and surroundings. At InstaFreight, we want to make sure that our international employees have the smoothest transition as possible and feel comfortable. 

In order to help our foreign employees to settle in Berlin, InstaFreight’s relocation package includes: 

  • Administrative Support 

We all know that bureaucracy can be quite stressful – Germany is commonly well known for that. To make it a bit easier for our international employees, we provide assistance with the application for a visa. As soon as they arrive in Berlin, we also help them with the registration at the “Bürgeramt”. Additionally, if help is needed, we do assist with opening a bank account and taking out health insurance too.

  • Flight & Accommodation

Flight expenses and the first month of rent in our Boarding House are covered by us. House hunting is always tough, especially in big cities such as Berlin. We thus also support in finding an accommodation by helping with the procurement of any necessary documents such as certificate of employment or Schufa (German credit investigation agency). 

  • InstaFreights Onboarding & Buddy System

Last but not least, we have designed an Onboarding & Buddy System that enables new starters to easily dive into their first working week at InstaFreight. Furthermore, it has become a tradition that every new employee gets a personal buddy as an additional contact person for any questions and help. Don’t miss out on our blog article about this topic, if you want to read more about it. 


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