Today we want you to meet our Co-Founder and CTO Markus, who is responsible for the technology, product and data side of InstaFreight. Enjoy this short interview with him to learn more about his personal life and professional career path.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am Markus, 37 years old and I have been with InstaFreight since the company’s very beginning in 2016. I moved to Berlin back in 2012, so I am already living here for quite some time now. Recently I also became a father, what a life-changing experience!

2. Where did you work prior to joining InstaFreight?

I joined Rocket Internet, one of the top startup incubators in Germany, as a Full Stack Developer beginning of 2012. On my journey to becoming a Director of Software Engineering at Rocket, I accompanied and led the technical launches of dozens of verticals with over a hundred combined country launches. In fact, Rocket Internet also helped build and grow InstaFreight and I was part of the initial launch. As ventures graduate from the incubation and become independent, it is often a topic to join them long-term – though I never seriously considered it before building InstaFreight. But it was too exciting an opportunity to miss!

3. And now you have been with us since the very beginning! What captured you most about InstaFreight and the logistics market?

The moment I first encountered the idea of working in logistics, I was not too enthusiastic about it. I recognized the industry as being barely digitized with people using fax machines, paper mail, etc. – which is all true. But after spending some time studying the market and all its challenges, I quickly became very fascinated by the potential and complexity of logistics: the market is huge and yet barely disrupted by modern technology. At InstaFreight and in logistics as a whole, there are many different problem domains, all of which contain highly interesting puzzles to solve. This fascinates me every day.

4. How would you say InstaFreight was different from the startups you worked on before?

Many previous startups I helped launch at Rocket were e-commerce ventures. While these business models are exciting to rapidly scale across many countries, from a product-technology perspective, e-commerce is already a solved problem. Although different markets and brands required different mechanisms, e-commerce had already been invented and we “just” brought the idea to other countries at a very fast pace. In these cases it was more about execution and less about innovation.

In contrast to that, logistics is currently undergoing numerous transformations and InstaFreight is one of the drivers of this change. We solve real world problems, make a difference and thereby drive the whole industry forward.

5. What have been some of your highlights at InstaFreight, both personally and professionally? 

Our team events are definitely on top of the list. Although they are less about work, I think they really matter from a team perspective! 

There have also been many highlights in terms of the company’s journey so far. One of the biggest milestones for me personally was when we landed our first big customer with high data and functionality requirements. It was a profound moment for the entire team to see all pieces fall into place and to experience the end-to-end success of our work!

I also love seeing us grow, especially with respect to the firm and the product-development team. Last year, we crossed the threshold from being one tight-knit team to being multiple independent teams.

And a fun fact: not only InstaFreight grew and became a larger family over the last few years, but privately my life also had some key milestones. Since I started at InstaFreight, I have gotten married and, as already mentioned, I recently became a father – two big highlights of my life. It has been a good journey so far and I am excited for what’s to come!

We hope you enjoyed this “get-to-know” with our Co-Founder and CTO Markus. Stay tuned for a series of following blog posts about our Tech department and LogTech in general!

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