Alicia working at her desk at the InstaFreight office.

Alicia working at her desk at InstaFreight

Hi, my name is Alicia and I started working at InstaFreight around two months ago. I want to tell you about how my first week at InstaFreight looked like. But before I start, here is a little more about myself: I am 20 years old, originally from the South of Germany and living in Canada since 2015. This summer I moved to Berlin with the desire to work at a startup. And here I am now – working in the marketing department at InstaFreight!

You might ask yourself: Why did she choose InstaFreight? The answer is simple…

A friend who works as a transport manager at InstaFreight told me about the company and their business model. I was immediately interested and when she described the amazing team spirit and work atmosphere there, I applied right away. After the submission of my resume and the interview process, it didn’t take long until I signed my work contract.

Me with other new InstaFreight employees.

Alicia with the other 5 newstarters on her first day at InstaFreight

On my first day at work, together with five other newstarters, I was warmly welcomed by the HR team. After a quick office tour, they held an interesting presentation on the company, including its history, milestones and team events. The Heads of the different departments also personally introduced their departments, so we got a nice overview of the company structure. Afterwards it was time for Tech Onboarding: We received our laptops and set up all important programs and accounts on it. At noon I met my personal buddy. I got partnered up with Anna who became my primary contact person for questions and help. She helped me to integrate well into my new job and introduced me to many new people. After lunch with the other newstarters and their buddies, I set up my desk and met my new manager and the Marketing team. The first day flew by in no time… 

On the second day it was all about learning even more about InstaFreight. We got an inspiring and motivating presentation on the InstaFreight mission, vision and values as well as logistics insides. After a delicious lunch with the HR team and all new employees, we got introduced to the InstaFreight product and digital portal. Through case scenarios and examples we experienced the InstaFreight platform from both the carrier and shipper perspective. It was a very busy but educational day learning a lot of new material about an industry I didn’t have much prior knowledge on. After the logistics schooling, InstaFreight organized a nice get-together in the afternoon with drinks and finger food at the office. That was the perfect time to meet and connect with new colleagues! 

Then, on the third day, it was time to jump right in and get to work. From that day onwards, I was able to take on big projects and tasks. Since starting at InstaFreight two months ago, I have grown a lot personally as well as professionally and I am looking forward to many more great experiences here…

My time at InstaFreight has been very fulfilling, educational and fun so far. The onboarding process and buddy system was very successful in helping me quickly integrate into the company and adapt to the new work environment. I highly value that InstaFreight didn’t let me jump in the deep end. I got taken great care of during my first days and I received all the support I needed! 


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