The Partner Plus Program includes exclusive offers and services for transport partners. Below, we present the cooperation with Shell and describe the benefits you can profit from.

1. Who is Shell?

Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies.The company has had a presence in Germany since 1902. Nowadays, around 3,600 employees ensure that more than 1 million car drivers can refuel at Shell stations there, airlines can be supplied with aviation fuel, shipyards can be supplied with ship lubricants and industries can be supplied with petrochemicals or natural gas.

2. What services does the cooperation with Shell include?

Our transport partners enjoy lots of benefits with Shell Card – and receive customized offers on diesel fueling, AdBlue® refills, EETS tolling services and many more.

Transport partners have access to 26,000 stations throughout Europe, including 2,500 Shell truck stations: With AdBlue® pumps, secure parking spaces, clean sanitary facilities, high-performance pumps and high roofs.

They also benefit from simple administration: Be it fuel costs, toll charges or invoices: You can conveniently manage your fleet online around the clock using the Shell Fleet Hub web portal. And throughout the whole of Europe!

3. What are the benefits for InstaFreight’s transport partners?

With Shell’s individual cost model, our transport partners refuel diesel at low prices throughout Europe and can access other exclusive services. A personal contact at Shell consults them on their personalized discount offer.

To benefit from Shell’s services, transport partners simply contact Shell via a no obligation form. Alternatively, inquiries can also be sent by email to

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