As part of the Partner Plus Program, transport partners can use the services of SCHUNCK or MAI CEE. We explain how the cooperations work.

1. Who are SCHUNCK and MAI CEE?

The SCHUNCK Group is the leading German insurance broker for the logistics industry. The focus is on consulting and brokering insurance solutions for individual risks.

The MAI CEE Group offers modern insurance solutions for customers outside Germany – especially Eastern Europe.

2. What services do the cooperations with SCHUNCK and MAI CEE include?

The insurance check offers the possibility for our transport partners to have their insurance terms checked at regular intervals. We consult our transport partners in the first place and then connect them to SCHUNCK or MAI CEE, but do not view any insurance documents ourselves.

As a next step, the insurance experts check whether there are currently tariffs with more comprehensive coverage or at more favorable conditions available and submit a non-binding offer to our transport partners.

3. What are the benefits for InstaFreight’s transport partners?

Through the insurance check, our transport partners can realize optimization potentials of their insurances. Thus, savings of up to 10-15% of the insurance costs per year are achievable. Transport partners who would like to use the service of SCHUNCK or MAI CEE simply contact us via this form. If interested, inquiries can also be sent by email to

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