With the Partner Plus Program, we offer exclusive services for our transport partners. Saskia Chill, Team Lead Value Added Services, explains why the program was launched, what services our partners can look forward to, and how registration works. Together with her team, she developed the Partner Plus Program and managed its planning and implementation.

1. Hello Saskia, what exactly is the Partner Plus Program?

We developed the Partner Plus Program to give our transport partners an additional benefit for working with us. The 25,000 carriers in our network are the core element of our business; without them, we couldn’t move a single pallet from point A to B. We express this appreciation of their work and our partnership through the Partner Plus Program. With it, we are building a product and service portfolio at attractive terms that simplifies the day-to-day operations of our transport partners and saves costs.

2. Which services does the program currently include and what criteria were used to select them?

The logistics industry is under high cost and performance pressure. With discounts and rebates on relevant services, we want to give our transport partners the opportunity to reduce their costs and support them in their everyday work.

Fuel cards from Shell and DKV
One of the biggest cost factors is the refueling of trucks. Therefore, one of the highlights of our Partner Plus Program are the fuel cards from Shell and DKV, which allow our transport partners to purchase fuel at reduced rates throughout Europe.

Service cooperation with TIP
High workshop and breakdown costs are a further challenge for many trucking companies. That is why we have teamed up with TIP as a second strong partner. This cooperation enables our transport partners to access exclusive conditions and discounts for repair and breakdown services.

Insurance Check by Schunck and MAI CEE
Insurances are often cost-intensive as well. With the insurance check of the Schunck Group and MAI CEE Group, our transport partners can have their current insurance conditions checked quickly and easily – and optimize them if necessary.

3. Who can use the services?

In general, everyone of our transport partners can access the services of our Partner Plus Program. However, there are restrictions, as not all services are available in all countries, for example. Thus, only carriers with their company headquarter in Germany can use the insurance check of the Schunck Group. We therefore always carry out an individual check of all requests.

4. How can our transport partners register for the services?

Our transport partners will find a form on our homepage where they can leave their contact details and specify – without obligation – which service(s) they are interested in. Alternatively, inquiries can also be sent by email to partnerplus@instafreight.com.

5. A look into the future: Where do you see the Partner Plus program in 5 years?

In 5 years, we would like the Partner Plus Program to be an established service brand on the transport market, with attractive offers that reflect current market developments and the needs of transport companies.

One important topic for the future, for example, will be the inclusion of sustainability services. This will enable our transport partners to meet the demand for a greener logistics and reduce their carbon footprint.

Our transport partners can therefore look forward to many more services. From this colorful bouquet of offers, they can then select the products and services that interest them.

We will keep you updated!

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