The job and career opportunities at InstaFreight are as diverse as our team itself. In our new blog article series, we introduce you to colleagues from our Sales department and their professional development. Today, Chris, who joined our InstaFamily in October 2020, tells you more about his personal career path from Sales Development Representative to Account Manager. 

1. Hello Chris, you are passionate about logistics. Where does this great enthusiasm come from? 

I grew up in Hamburg, one of the largest logistics centers in Europe. So logistics is part of my DNA, you could say. 😉 What particularly excites me is the great importance of logistics in our lives. Every day, ships, planes and trucks transport tons of goods across our globe, without which we could no longer imagine our lives. Coffee, soap, cell phones simply everything! Our entire supply depends on a well-functioning global logistics industry. This internationality of the flow of goods is fascinating. What’s also impressive is the high speed at which cargo is transported from A to B today. All this turns logistics into an exciting, dynamic and diverse field of work.

2. Tell us a little more about yourself and your career! How did you get to where you are today?

In 2013, I completed an apprenticeship as a Shipping Manager at a cruise company in Hamburg and then worked in various professional positions for several years. To further my education, I decided to start a bachelor’s degree program in 2016 and then graduated as a Master of Business Administration. I financed my studies by gathering experiences in Sales and Customer Service at various companies. During this time, I discovered my great pleasure in communicating with customers. I continued to pursue this interest during a stay abroad in the USA, where I advised many startups in business development at the German Chamber of Commerce in New York. I immediately felt at home in this innovative and dynamic startup culture, so it was clear to me that I wanted to work in a startup after returning to Germany. InstaFreight has been the perfect solution for me! I can combine my great interest in logistics, my enthusiasm for modern digital products and my joy in customer communication with the startup environment. 

3. You joined InstaFreight as a Sales Development Representative. Why Sales in particular? And why InstaFreight?

What excites me most about working in Sales is our mission to make people’s lives easier with an innovative product. I love the daily interaction with customers and my task to develop individual solutions for their challenges. Being a Sales Development Representative is a bit like being a detective: you identify potential customers and investigate their needs. Every customer is different. That’s what makes working in Sales so interesting. In addition, InstaFreight offers a product that I fully commit to. With our digital platform model, we are revolutionizing the logistics market and deliver real added value to our customers. It is simply fun to sell this product – even more so in such a great and motivated team where everyone pulls together! This motivation is also based on the fact that at InstaFreight we have the opportunity to actively involve ourselves, help shape processes and take on responsibility. This is particularly important to me because I’m not the type who likes staying in the status quo I prefer to learn new things and challenge myself.

4. How have you been able to develop since you started at InstaFreight professionally and personally?

As a Shipping Manager, I learned a logistics profession, but road freight is very different from sea freight. So when I joined InstaFreight as a Sales Development Representative, I first had to acquire a lot of new knowledge about overland transport. But thanks to the intensive onboarding and the support from my colleagues, I managed that very quickly. It was exciting to learn how the InstaFreight platform works, what our customers’ pain points are and how we solve them with our business model. I was also able to further improve my communication skills through daily interaction with our customers. I am very happy that I can now take the next development step as an Account Manager. While as a Sales Development Representative I was primarily responsible for approaching customers and initiating the first contact, I now have the opportunity to further deepen my customer relationships and build my own steady customer base. That’s a great challenge!

5. What have been your biggest highlights at InstaFreight so far? And is there also a lowlight?

My biggest highlight so far is my career step to Account Manager, because it confirms my professional and personal development. In between, there have been many smaller and larger highlights. One particular highlight was of course our recent summer party. It was a nice opportunity to see everyone from our “InstaFamily” in person again, drink a beer together and talk about anything and everything.

And a lowlight? Well, I haven’t experienced a real lowlight. But of course there is the occasional grumpy customer who lets you feel his unhappiness. You simply can’t take that to heart. It’s a particularly nice feeling of success then when I can put such a customer in a positive mood during the course of our conversation and maybe even be allowed to send him further information.

6. What are you most looking forward to about your new position as Account Manager?

I am particularly looking forward to building up my own customer base and developing long-term customer relationships. Providing intensive support to my customers, for example in the execution of tenders, will be one of my main tasks. In doing so, I can see my customers grow and experience how our product contributes to their business success. It’s also a great opportunity for me to expand my know-how in logistics even further and become an expert in digital overland transport.

7. You have a professional background in logistics. Are there other opportunities to join the Sales Team at InstaFreight?

My colleagues have all followed different career paths. Some have worked in the logistics industry before, while others did something completely different. I believe this is a great advantage, because it makes our team diverse and manifold. The important thing is that you have a communicative and open personality, enjoy working with people and are enthusiastic about digital logistics. The relevant logistics and software knowhow can be easily acquired during the onboarding process. And of course, me and my colleagues are always on hand to offer help and advice to our “newbies”. I am looking forward to all new colleagues who want to rock the Sales Team with us!

Thank you Chris for these exciting insights into your professional development. We wish you all the best in your new position as Account Manager! Are you also passionate about Sales? Then join us! Click here for our vacancies.

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