Sales-Team (3): As a career changer into logistics

In the third and final part of the blog article series on our Sales Team, we introduce you to our Sales Development Manager Madeleine Scholz. She took the leap and joined InstaFreight as a career changer in June 2021. In…
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Sales-Team (2) From internship to Team Lead

Welcome to the second part of our blog article series, in which we introduce you to colleagues from our Sales Team and their professional development. Today we interview Alexander Bührich, who joined us first as an intern in May 2018…
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Sales-Team (1) My path to becoming an Account Manager

The job and career opportunities at InstaFreight are as diverse as our team itself. In our new blog article series, we introduce you to colleagues from our Sales department and their professional development. Today, Chris, who joined our InstaFamily in…
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