Transport Management

How to conduct tenders fast & easily

Tendering is often a tedious business for shippers. They need to register on a tendering platform first, then aggregate transport data to set up the tender, find and select new carriers, vet and onboard them to their system and –…
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Logistics models explained: 1PL through 5PL

Are you looking for the best logistics model for your company? Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this question. In this article, we will explain the differences between the five common models from 1PL through 5PL – and which…
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Transport Management (5) How can I decrease internal workload?

For shippers, managing their transport logistics requires extensive human resources. One of the main reasons for this are manual processes: Many tasks, such as the onboarding and vetting of new service providers or the tracking of shipments, are not yet…
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Transport Management (4) How can I reduce freight costs?

Shippers face a constant challenge: to ensure their competitiveness, they must continuously optimize processes and cut costs. This also applies to the important business area of transport logistics. The fourth part of our series on Transport Management therefore focuses on…
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Transport Management (2) How can I gain transparency?

As a shipper, it is often not easy to get an overview of your own transport logistics. Reliable shipment tracking is just one of many challenges. Part two of our series on transport management is therefore all about transparency. We…
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Transport Management (1) How can I digitize my transport logistics?

Telephone, fax, email and mail – transport logistics is often still characterized by time-consuming manual and analog communication. Part one of our series on Transport Management therefore addresses the question of how you as a shipper easily automate transport processes…
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Behind the scenes: Operations at InstaFreight

We are back with our fourth edition of the “behind the scenes” blog article series! This time together with our Quality Assurance Manager Kajsa Arnlund we are diving into the world of Operations, which is one of the driving forces behind…
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