By now, most of us have become used to working from home. But how to maximize productivity when working remotely and how to stay focused and motivated with all the distractions and temptations home offices offer? With the help of our employees’ input, we put together our top 5 best practices for working from home successfully while also maintaining good physical and mental health. Here they are:

1. Create & maintain a morning routine

Most of us had a morning routine when they still worked from the office. It could be listening to a podcast in the subway on the way to work, enjoying a nice cup of coffee first thing in the morning, or making your favourite oatmeal before getting dressed for work. When working from home, try to either maintain this routine or come up with a new routine that will help you start each day fresh. Having a morning routine you love will be great for setting a positive tone for the day and to better focus on what’s in front of you. Go, give it a try! And, for most of our employees, this routine also includes putting on actual pants, rather than just sweatpants 😉

2. Have a to-do list

We are sure everyone who is working from home has struggled at some point with different distractions and temptations, like rather wanting to watch Netflix, playing with your adorable dog or cleaning the apartment… Writing a to-do list at the end of each day for the next day or every morning can help you sort your thoughts and get things done. With online services like Trello you can even create digital to-do lists, which you can also share or create together with your team. That way there are no excuses and you will be guaranteed to stay focused, motivated and on top of tasks!

3. Set up a comfortable work environment

Apropos distractions – how you set up your desk and work space can also have a huge effect on your productivity. Not only the chair should be comfortable and support your back well, but sitting near a window and having natural daylight will help you stay in a good mood while working. To further minimize distractions and ensure peak performance, choose a dedicated area from where you will work from – ideally a quiet area with some privacy.  

4. Stay structured

Pretend like you are working from the office and structure your days the same way. This means, if your mornings usually start by brainstorming ideas with the team, continue following this structure – just switch in-person meetings to video conferences. Also, have a real lunch break rather than eating at your workplace; our employees’ number 1 tip for this is setting up virtual lunch dates. Catch-up meetings with their team in the mornings and evenings also help them stay structured. And if, from time to time, you miss the usual 5 minute kitchen chats, why don’t you do a quick catch-up call with your colleagues? Just digitize the kitchen chats and all in-person interactions…  

5. Don’t forget to unwind

Separating the professional life from the personal life can be a challenge when working from home. That is why it’s so important to maintain a good work-life balance. We love when our employees go the extra-mile but it is also so important to take breaks, relax on the weekends and unwind at the end of a work day. Only when giving your body enough rest, you will have the energy to work productively and efficiently throughout the week! Our employees shared their favourite ways to unwind with us and their best practices include listening to good music, cooking a delicious meal, taking a bath, having a game night with your roommate or simply watching your all-time favourite TV Show.

We hope those tips and tricks will help you make the best out of your home office experience! They definitely helped our team members to work productively from home while maintaining InstaFreight’s work culture and team spirit! 

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