Telephone, fax, email and mail – transport logistics is often still characterized by time-consuming manual and analog communication. Part one of our series on Transport Management therefore addresses the question of how you as a shipper easily automate transport processes to focus on your core business. We introduce the InstaFreight business model, explain which tasks we take over and how the connection to our platform works. Enjoy reading!

Transport Management as a service

08:00 a.m., the phone in your logistics department rings. A forwarding partner is on the line, he cancels a transport order. A replacement is needed! Your colleague opens an Excel address list and looks for a suitable alternative. At the first forwarding company no one answers the telephone. The second has no more available capacity. The third asks him to send his request again by email. Several hours pass before the order is reassigned.

Situations like these are commonplace in transport logistics. Manual coordination with carriers is often inefficient and resource-intensive. This is where we at InstaFreight take action. As a leading logistics company, we digitize the road freight market, combining logistics expertise with technical know-how. Our hub is the InstaFreight platform, through which we efficiently handle your transport management in exchange for a small transaction fee.

We are therefore responsible for the entire operational execution of your transport logistics allowing you to fully concentrate on your core business.

Digitizing your transport partner network

The central system for digitizing your transport logistics is the InstaFreight platform. We onboard your existing transport partner network with all agreed rates and routes to our platform. All other processes are also digitized and include dispatching and transport monitoring as well as document and invoice management. We also give you access to additional capacity through our network of more than 25,000 vetted carriers. This allows you to build and expand your network in a targeted manner.

Since all transport data is consolidated on one platform, you receive a complete overview of your transport management in one fell swoop. We thus enable you to gain transparency over your operational, financial and sustainability-related key figures (KPIs). Based on this data, we initiate optimization measures by, for example, sourcing spot capacities more quickly via our carrier network and carrying out tenders for you in a more targeted manner. In doing so, we pass on the purchasing conditions to you on a 1:1 basis as part of our open-book approach. Thus, we create transparency and efficiency along your transport chain and help you save direct and indirect costs.

Fast implementation of your Transport Management

So how does the implementation of our Transport Management Service work? In general, only three steps are necessary

1. Pilot phase

First, you have the opportunity to test our service in a live setting. Based on your individual challenges, our logistics experts define the scope, duration and goal of the pilot project together with you. We onboard all relevant suppliers, carriers and relations to our platform within a few days and take responsibility for the entire operational execution of the pilot. We also set up your Control Tower, providing you with an overview of all transport processes. Continually, we analyze the results and if necessary implement small iterations to ensure the product fit.

2. Roll-out to your transport logistics

After successful completion of the pilot, we set up our management contract. Therein, we transparently define the scope of our services in agreement with you. Within a few weeks, your remaining suppliers and transport partners are onboarded at the negotiated conditions and the Control Tower is adapted to the scope of your transport logistics. In doing so, we ensure that the transition to our Transport Management Service is fast and seamless for both you and your partners. 

3. Ongoing analyses and improvements

With the implementation of our Transport Management, our logistics experts take over the execution of your transport processes. But that is not where it ends for us. We regularly evaluate the status quo with you, derive optimization measures and set targets. Basis for this is our regular KPI reporting, which includes your key performance indicators. This way, we continuously increase your efficiency and together turn your transport logistics into a competitive advantage for your company. 

By precisely coordinating these three steps, the transfer of your transport logistics to our service can be completed in just a few weeks to months. This reduces the workload on your team and frees up capacities for important tasks, such as process, revenue and earnings optimization.

InstaFreight platform: Digital interface for your transport logistics

The InstaFreight platform makes collaboration between your team and ours easy. Your personal account contains all information about your transport orders including status updates and real-time tracking. You can then book spot loads or new regular business via your account, for example.

Do you already have an ERP or WMS system? In this case, you can alternatively access our Transport Management Service conveniently from your familiar software environment. With the help of API/EDI interfaces, you connect your system directly to our platform. You can then initiate new transport orders directly in your system. They are automatically transmitted to our platform via the interface and processed by our dispatchers. We, in turn, feed status updates on your transports back into your system. 

Picture of the InstaFreight Plattform as a digital interface for Transport Management
The InstaFreight platform as a digital interface

Our communication with suppliers and carriers also takes place via digital interfaces. With the help of a matching algorithm, our dispatchers assign your transport order to the right carrier. Via  the connection to telematics systems, we also receive real-time information about your transports and pass them on to you. The InstaFreight platform is thus the digital link between you as a customer and your transport partners and takes your transport logistics to the next level.

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Anna Formella
Transport Management Specialist