For shippers, managing their transport logistics requires extensive human resources. One of the main reasons for this are manual processes: Many tasks, such as the onboarding and vetting of new service providers or the tracking of shipments, are not yet automated. Enclosed we point out how we significantly simplify transport logistics through our tech solution and thereby reduce workload. An insight: 

Digitizing the transport network

The basis for a functioning transport logistics is the professional management of suppliers and carriers. All service providers must be vetted, onboarded, directed and monitored. In general, these steps are carried out manually, resulting in a high workload. 

Our Transport Management Service helps you to manage your transport network more efficiently. Your central system is the InstaFreight platform. We take over the status quo of your transport logistics and onboard your existing suppliers and carriers as well as all agreed rates and routes to our platform. This digital management of your transport network by our logistics experts has one big advantage: It releases personnel capacities on your side.

Automated transport allocation

When you place a transport order, you most likely pick up the phone or write an email. In many cases, the assignment of orders is not yet automated, which requires constant communication loops with transport partners. Via the InstaFreight platform, we efficiently handle all operational tasks for you: On the basis of your predefined prices and rules, we automatically assign your order to the respective carriers. By doing so, we ensure fast transport allocation and processing, guarantee compliance with your allocation strategy and unburden your operational staff.

Control Tower: Transport tracking through telematics

Is the delivery of your current shipments on time or do you have to expect delays? The InstaFreight Control Tower has the answer ready for you. With just a click, you get an instant overview of your shipments. You can access information on each order, view the respective transport states and benefit from the advantages of real-time transport tracking via telematics systems. Our logistics experts, in turn, have the opportunity to react immediately in case of delivery problems.

Central document management

Depending on the order volume, you as a shipper may receive dozens or even hundreds of PODs and invoices by postal mail from your transport partners every month. Managing and invoicing these documents often ties up a lot of personnel capacity.

With our Transport Management Service, we digitize your document management. All PODs and invoices are centrally managed on the InstaFreight platform and verified by us. Once the invoice has been approved, we take care of paying the carriers on your behalf. At the end of the month, you receive a consolidated invoice from us listing all transport orders and costs transparently. This not only unburdens your logistics team, but also your accounting department.

Reporting on important key figures

Another time consuming task in transport logistics is the reporting. Pulling together data from a wide variety of data sources often results in long Excel sheets, whose creation is time-consuming and error-prone. Excel users are familiar with this “fiddly work”. 

We have an efficient solution for this: Our automated report provides you with the most important key figures. Fast, simple and straightforward. This allows you to review the performance of your Transport Management and your service providers with just a few clicks. Of course, we support you in analyzing the data and deriving optimization measures.

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Anna Formella
Transport Management Specialist