The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed people’s lives in many ways and almost every company has been affected by the exponential spread of the Coronavirus. Those businesses that have the chance to continue operations, have started to restructure in order to enable employees to work from home. During this time that is full of uncertainties, one thing is for sure: the work landscape is not the same anymore than it was just a few weeks ago and it will likely be transformed significantly, not returning to where it was before…

To ensure the safety of our entire InstaFreight team, all employees are currently working from home. Together as a company we contribute to ‘flattening the curve’ to slow down the exponential spread of COVID-19. Our digital business model and digital DNA has enabled us to smoothly transition to home offices while continuing to provide our shippers with sufficient transport capabilities and being always available for them. 

How do we manage home offices?

Working remotely comes with its own set of challenges: lack of human interaction and community, difficulty with communicating, loss of productivity, … While InstaFreight’s business model has always been remote-ready, we have undertaken several changes regarding our work structures in order to ensure our employees’ happiness and work efficiencies. Our main objective is to keep alive the team spirit and amazing culture that make InstaFreight so special. We established a number of different video conferences to allow everyone at InstaFreight to continue to stay connected and up-to-date. Online services like Zoom, Skype and Trello help us connect and stay organized even when working from home. Since communication is key, these are our newly implemented work formats:

  • Dailys:

All our departments have implemented daily morning calls, to start into the day together as a team and to have the chance to properly plan new tasks and discuss outstanding topics. This is an amazing way to keep the team spirits high and to continue to work efficiently.

  • Weekly Digital Allhands: 

Our company’s tradition has always been to start into the weekend together as a team. Every Friday afternoon we come together to go over important things and upcoming plans, while enjoying a delicious beer and slice of pizza. We value our traditions, so we have implemented digital Allhands meetings –  that way we can still end the work week together and keep fun traditions alive. The only thing missing is the TEAM and yes, also the free pizza and beer for everyone…

  • Monthly Virtual Fireside Chats: 

Every month, employees have the opportunity to connect with our CEOs to ask them any questions they might have. We always had regular Fireside Chats, but now rather than taking place in the office, they happen virtually. This is another fun way to connect with others, interchange ideas and have great conversations. Results of our anonymous OfficeVibe surveys are also shared and we explain to employees what is being undertaken to overcome challenges, to realize their feedback and to implement new ideas!

  • Weekly Q&A Chats: 

This is something new that we implemented given the current situation. It is a great way to connect with everyone at InstaFreight and to stay transparent as an employer. During a regular work day there are so many opportunities to talk to others and to ask questions – during lunch break, in the kitchen while grabbing a coffee, before a scheduled meeting, and so on. All these communications break away when working from home. The weekly Q&A chats are one of our ways to make up for the missing human interactions and they give employees the chance to ask any questions they might have, especially in uncertain times like these. 

  • Weekly Employee Newsletters: 

To make sure employees are always informed about what is happening at different levels of the company, our HR department has recently started to send out internal newsletters every Thursday. That way employees are always up-to-date and we improve the flow of information! 

Some of our employees and their amazing home office setups.

Besides those newly implemented work formats to help keep our amazing team spirit alive, all meetings that are normally in-person are now digital. We also encourage our employees to set up virtual lunch dates, implement quick morning calls and much more to help them connect with their colleagues and the entire team.

We at InstaFreight are lucky to be able to run our business remotely and our great team has made the transition to home offices very smooth and successful! 

Stay tuned for the second part of our home office blog article series, in which we will share with you some amazing tips for successfully working from home! Till then, stay safe everyone!

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