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Logistics-basics: Autonomous Driving – levels 1 to 5 explained

Many will know them or even have them in their car or truck: Driving assistance systems such as cruise control, lane departure warning or emergency brake assistance. So, autonomous driving at level 1 is already a reality today. With the… Weiterlesen →

Logistics-basics: models of logistics service providers from 1PL to 5PL

The abbreviation „PL“ means „Party Logistics Provider“ and is a supply chain model for logistics specialists. There are different ways in which companies manage logistics. Some have their own fleet of vehicles and drive the transports themselves. Others hand over… Weiterlesen →

Harald Geimer explains: How InstaFreight convinced the jury at the EXCHAiNGE 2018

Our InstaFreight team won the first time awarded title for the most innovative supply chain management solution at the EXCHAiNGE Event 2018. How did InstaFreight impress the 14-strong jury? Harald Geimer, Managing Director of PwC Strategy&, explains why InstaFreight’s digital… Weiterlesen →

InstaFreight appoints Dirk Reich as the Chairman of the Board

f.l.t.r. Markus J. Doetsch (CTO), Maximillian Schäfer (Managing Director) , Dirk Reich (Chairman), Philipp Ortwein (Managing Director) BERLIN, January 29, 2019 – The Berlin start up InstaFreight announces the appointment of logistics specialist Dirk Reich as Chairman of the Board…. Weiterlesen →

Superheroes on the road – freight forwarders are looking for new recruits

Crowded service stations, no breaks, overtired and in the end too late at the customer’s. Highways are the new logistics warehouses. Just-in-time production is one of many reasons why the demand for means of transport is intensifying motorway traffic. Many… Weiterlesen →

The Top 5 logistics trends you need to be aware of in 2019

5th place: Sustainability Sustainability has been a big topic in logistics over the years. Is it still a trend in 2019? We say yes. In 2019, sustainability is actually more important than ever. Our logistics experts address the following points,… Weiterlesen →

Christmas shopping – influence of the bullwhip effect

Baking, cooking, decorating and buying presents in overcrowded department stores – who doesn’t know it? In times of e-commerce, it is now easy to avoid the stress of Christmas in shopping malls. Doesn’t everyone prefer to relax at the most… Weiterlesen →

Reduction of CO² emissions from trucks – unrealistic or necessary?

Carbon dioxide emissions are responsible for the drastically increasing greenhouse effect. More and more resources are needed to slow the climate change appropriately. According to the latest findings of the World Weather Organization (WTO), the peak level of greenhouse gas… Weiterlesen →

InstaFreight wins the smart supply solution award 2018

L to R:  Dr. Petra Seebauer, Johannes Giloth, Benedikt Kappus, Maximilian Schäfer, Jennifer Kuchinke, Harald Geimer Digitization of logistics: InstaFreight wins the smart supply chain solution Award 2018! Our InstaFreight team is happy to announce that we have won the first… Weiterlesen →

Who is actually doing the supply chain innovation?

According to the topic „Customers, Corporates or Startups – who is actually doing the innovation“, Harald Geimer (PWC), Peter Trapp (Startport), Oliver Kaut (DHL) and Prof. Dr. Thomas Wimmer (BVL) discussed innovation in the logistics sector at the Hypermotion (Frankfurt)…. Weiterlesen →

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